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Garage Floors For Your Home

Are you thinking about garage floors in the future for your home?  Here are a few things to consider if this is a project that you’d like as an improvment to your home.  Several factors you should consider before making a decision.  To ensure the right garage floor option for you and your home.  Here are three very important aspects to consider for your garage floor.


Garage Floors Preparation

Even brand new garage floors need to be prepared in order to take an epoxy coating properly.  Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s ready for a coating.  It’s acutally quite to the contraray, as garage floors are typically finished with a sealer of some sort on them.  The sealer is installed to aid in the concrete curing process.  This sealer typically acts as a barrier  or bond breaker.  Causing failure for the adhesion of the epoxy or any other type of coating.  It is this important step that adds to the failures of so many garage floors, when a DIY kit is installed.  The acids or cleaners typically don’t remove this coating or not sufficiently.  This is why professional epoxy installers mechinically prepare the floor to eliminate bond breakers and encourage penetration of coatings into the concrete.  Diamond grinding is the preferred method by most professionals, and these grinders always need to be accompanied by a powerful vacuum with filtration.  This will nearly eliminate the messy and dangerous concrete dust particles from becoming airborne.

garage floors preparation


Garage Floors Repair

Cracks, divots, spalling, and other concrete damage needs to be repaired prior to installing epoxy on garage floors.  They will not only be unsightly if not repaired, but they will lead to and encourage failures of the floor due there presence.  Special attention should be taken to the cracks, as they may indicate concrete movement.  If movement is occurring, then it should be dealt with prior to applying any type of garage floor to a concrete surface.  Any type of garage floor is not going to stop movement.  A knowledgeable epoxy floor installer should be able to tell what’s causing cracks in your concrete.  They should be able to advise if other professions should be involved with the floor prior to any type of coatings installation.  Repairs are often difficult for the average homeowner to accomplish.  Most home improvement stores to not carry the proper repair products for repairing garage floors.

garage floors repairs


Textured Finish

A textured finish is something that many homeowners neglect to think of when they are considering a garage floor.  The finish is very important in the overall satisfaction of your garage floor coating.  Too little texture, and you’ll find yourself hoping not to slip and fall.  Even the slightest amount of moisture present on the floor can prove dangerous.  Too much texture, and you’ll not be able to easily clean the floor, and it will hold dirt and debris.  DIY kits generally only include a small amount of flakes or chips, and only provide minimal traction.  Many of these kits don’t even include the top coat to cover the few chips that they do provide and you end up with discoloration due to the dirt sticking to the softer chips.

garage floors 1


Please consider these three important parts when selecting the path you wish to take on your garage floor.  Your homework prior to your garage floor install will benefit you later.  Garage floors should last for many decades with little or no maintenance.  Choosing the right type and process that’s right for you will be your reward.



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