Great Garage Floor Giveaway by Amazing Garage Floors

$2500.00 Value

1 Winner

Amazing Garage Floors® is giving away one of our Amazing Garage Floors!

Don’t be surprised or disappointed by other epoxy floors or DIY epoxy floor kits.  This is a real chance to win an installed, beautiful, durable, guaranteed garage floor, installed in just 1 Day!  Your prized vehicles will only need to be outside just 12 short hours with our Amazing installations.

Want a garage floor now, and don’t want to wait til the drawing is over?  We have a plan for that too!  Go to one of our ”local pages” (which gets you more entries by the way)  and arrange for your free on-site garage floor evaluation and we can get you started on the short journey to an Amazing Garage Floor of your dreams.

Kansas City, St. Louis, and Northwest Arkansas areas ONLY!!!  We will travel up to 50 miles from one of those locations to install the winning entry.  A winner will be notified and all entries will see the before and after pictures of the winning entry.

As professional installers of Amazing Garage Floors for 12 years we know that all garages are not the same.  What you win here is, 500 SF of Amazing Garage Floor installed in your homes garage.

Q:  What if you have some damage?

A:  We will include ”normal” damages  repair in our giveaway.  Excessive damage may be charged at our normal repair rates.


Q:  What if my garage is not 500 SF?

A:  Very few are exactly 500 SF.  If you’re smaller you will get upto 500 and pay nothing.  If you have a larger garage and want more installed it will be at a rate of $5/sf


Q: What colors are available?

A:  Each location carries 10-13 colors and you may select from those standard colors.  Custom flake colors will be an additonal $0.35/SF  Other customizations are availabe and priced upon request.


Q:  What if I have other questions about the Amazing Garage Floor?

A:  Contact us via one of the local participating pages, or give us a call.  We’re happy to help and answer any questions you may have!

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