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How to Make Your Epoxy Commercial Floor Finish Last Longer

Posted by:John Hutchins

You’ve got yourself a brand new epoxy commercial floor finish. It looks beautiful. Clients will love the new, clean, fresh look. Now what? How do you maintain and properly care for this floor to keep it looking new for years to come?   This new epoxy commercial floor will need some to little maintenance. That…

Epoxy Finish vs. Concrete Options: What’s the Best Choice

Posted by:John Hutchins

Your garage takes a lot of abuse from various elements throughout its lifespan. When you begin looking at updating your garage floor, you will discover there are many different options available. Do your research before you choose which floor to go with because not all are good options for a garage. In this article, we…


Posted by:John Hutchins

A clear garage floor sealer has numerous advantages. Besides improving the look of your new epoxy floor, it will also safeguard the finishing from the multiple components that a garage floor can experience on a daily basis.   Here are five benefits to having an epoxy garage floor sealer on your new floor:   1….

Professional Garage Floor Coating Installer or a DIY Kit

Posted by:John Hutchins

Do-it-yourself projects. We’ve all done them. And while there is nothing wrong with a good do it yourself project, there are certain things to consider before attempting one. The bigger the project, the more there is to consider. With a do it yourself garage floor project it is no different. Sometimes, for bigger jobs like…

Epoxy Flooring: What Are Some Finishing Touches After Getting An Epoxy Floor in Your Garage

Posted by:John Hutchins

You’re enjoying your Amazing Garage Floors epoxy flooring. It’s as if a beautiful change occurred. What was once an unsightly, mistreated location is now an appealing, multi-use, completed space. Now, you want to give your garage a couple of finishing touches. I’m not talking about significant products that take a lot of time and money…

Garage Floor Epoxy vs Paint: Why Should You Choose Our Epoxy Flooring?

Posted by:John Hutchins

There are a lot of viewpoints about the proper products to use when covering your garage floor. Lots of people presume that a good job of preparing the flooring followed by a thick coat or 2 of paint will work. Others hire a professional, who preps the floor and installs a top quality epoxy floor….

Anti-Slip Floor Treatment: The Very Best Solutions for Dealing With Slippery Garage Floors

Posted by:John Hutchins

The best anti-slip floor treatment for garage flooring is a subject that turns up each winter. When that first snow falls or the rainy season sets in, the surface of garage floors can be like an ice rink when walking on them. With that in mind, we will discuss some fast solutions and some long-term…

Cracks in Garage Floor Concrete: What are They Doing There?

Posted by:John Hutchins

The function of this blog is to handle the questions and concerns we get concerning epoxy flooring. These concerns usually originate from property owners on their garage or basement floor. So, I’ll focus our responses to this audience. A reasonable quantity of the info is also relevant to the industrial environment. Here in this blog,…

7 Individuals Who Love Decorative Epoxy Flooring: Are You Among Them?

Posted by:John Hutchins

Decorative epoxy flooring changes the garage from a dull, awful space into a unique area. It adds character, style, value, and, some particular individuals take advantage of this: 1) The Parent 2) The Car Enthusiast 3) The Home Handyman 4) The Hobbyist 5) The Real Estate Agent 6) The Retiree 7) The Super Organized Is…

Using Epoxy Flooring to Increase the Value of Your Home

Posted by:John Hutchins

Many homeowners make changes to their homes with the hope that one day, they will make money when they sell it. Even if that is a few years down the road, it is a good idea to look at high-quality investments. One investment that will not fade over time is a good, high-quality epoxy flooring….


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